Six Questions with Story Unlikely

There's an excellent blog post at Six Questions about this publication and its creator, Danny Hankner. I've just become a Story Unlikely reader and would like to submit there. What I particularly like about what Hankner is doing is his recognition of the social or political trends that can impede a work's path to publication. There's plenty of room for that kind of publishing, of course, but Hankner is carving out a different place that I'm drawn to. This seems, to me, really unique also:

SQF: What one question on this topic do you wish I'd asked that I didn't? And how would you answer it?

DH; “Why is Story Unlikely’s byline, “real people, real places, real stories (and plenty of fiction, too).”

Although we publish all styles and genres, we feel there’s a real absence in the market for true stories – call it narrative nonfiction, memoir, etc.  There’s something special about stories that really happened; not only have we felt this connection, but the biggest reactions we get from readers are often from the memoir-style stories that we publish.  Again, we desire literature of all stripes, but we have a certain affinity towards real life.  So much of our modern world is fake, yet we believe fiction is most powerful when it forces us to look within, and when it points us back to reality. 



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