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Tyler McAndrew, John Mauk and The Forge

I am writing so that I will remember the work of two writers I'd like to keep an eye on, and also to tell my readers, all three of them, about these writers. I read both at The Forge , a place where I'd like to publish. More on that later. Let me just acknowledge that every story I have read at The Forge I have really liked, which is not something I can say about every pub, Tyler McAndrew lives and teaches at the University of Pittsburgh. His story, "Lake Shore Limited," is pitch perfect, excellent written and expertly cadenced. After following him and praising him on Twitter, I read another of his at Electric Literature (another pub I will have to keep an eye on), "My Prisoner." Again, excellent. I note McAndrew is a poet as well and it no doubt contributes to the quality of his work.  John Mauk is from Ohio, lives in my home state of Michigan (although up north somewhere) has a PhD (!), and has written textbooks as well as the wonderful story " Dr