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I love reading The Rye Whiskey Review

I can't remember how I stumbled on it. I think it was listed in the bio of a writer whose story I liked. But I put it on a list of pubs to check out and when I finally got around to it I thought: these are my kind of people, just like it says in the masthead. What I particularly love about The Rye Whiskey Review is not just its commitment to good writing but it's inclusivity, its accessibility. There are a lot of real earthy people contributing to this pub, and usually with the earthy theme of boozing involved. Most seem to have esteemed credentials, others are plainer or more grass roots. Professors and published writers publish here, the president of the Robert Frost Society published here, but so did a guy that states his credentials as having published " various works in between having bad luck and making people rethink their humanity . No matter. He sees sentences in the smoke and scribbles furiously." There's not a lot of gatekeeping going on here. Better s